Charleston Paralegal Association and Bail

On Wednesday (9/20/17) Scott Willis provided the Charleston Paralegal Association a lecture, with questions and answers, about the private surety bail industry. He explained how the industry is only good for the economy as well as the criminal justice system as a whole. The meeting was very positive and productive and Scott plans to hold […]

State Court Cases

Surety or Commercial bail has been proven that while it is not the only form of release a court may choose, it is the most effective. It is a way for a defendant to secure his or her release from a detention facility while awaiting trial. Surety Bail provides the greatest outcome to the court […]

Thank You Recovery Agents

United Bail of America gives thanks to the men and women that devote their lives to chasing fugitives who are fleeing surety bonds. We wish them the greatest success so that they may return to their families each and every day. We feel the private sector bail bondsman across the nation recovers more fugitives on […]

UBA Release 17-1

Bail Surety outperforms any other release system within the pretrial programs across America today. UBA will strive to show what the American Bail Agent is about and their efforts to continue to enforce justice and provide accountability for peaceful transition to court. We must prepare now for the 2018 elections. It is imperative that we […]