Bail Bonds

Since 2002 Palmetto Surety Corporation has built a team of highly reliable and experienced professionals dedicated to our Agent’s success.  We provide state-of-the-art tools like electric powers and the iGUARANTEE Platform.  We also empower agents to write more Bail bonds by offering prompt and accurate Transfers and Large Bond Approvals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To bail someone out of jail, you will need to provide information about the defendant, including their full name and birth date.  Information about the Indemnitor (the person who is paying the bond) is also required  before completing all necessary paperwork and getting both party’s signatures are needed when released from custody.

Buy Bail Bonds Online

Online Bail bonds are an option for people who need to post bail when they’re awaiting trial or sentencing.  Online bail bonding is not available in all cases, like federal and immigration bails; however, there’s no denying that this service saves time – it only takes minutes before the accused can go home!  Some of the Charges that you can buy online bail bond for are:

      • Criminal Charges
      • Traffic Arrests
      • Arrest Warrants
      • Domestic Violence  related cases
      • DUI related cases
      • Assault & Battery
      • Federal charges and immigration bonds are not eligible for online bail bonds.


Online bail bonds are available through the person making the online bail bond purchase.  They do not need to be in the bail bondsman’s office, Jail, or the same state, for that matter.  Our Agents will process the bond and take it to Jail for the release of the accused.  This makes online bail bonds an ideal option for parents, grandparents, and others who wish to help during a time of crisis but are not located close enough to make the trip to the jail or bail bond office.

Need to buy a bail bond online for someone who's in jail?

Buy Bail Bonds online from Palmetto Surety Corporation is a South Carolina-based company that specializes in all types of online Surety bonds nationwide.

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Buy Bail Bonds Online

Quick, Fast, and Easy online bail bond purchase no need to go to jail nor be in the same state.