Philadelphia is one of the cities that has received 4.8 million dollars from the Macarthur Foundation for risk assessments and get out of jail free programs. Today, Philadelphia is still one of the worst crime rate cities in our nation. It is not hard to realize the systems do not work and endanger the citizens of our nation.

This article is not about Pretrial Bail Reform. It leads into a completely different issue…

From what I just read he is not asking for “risk assessment “or “free release”. He is asking that non-violent offenders, after 10 years without any future bad behavior are given a 2nd chance by expungement of their past charges. This shows that there is clearly a misunderstanding of the industry and the issues at hand.

United Bail of America and Palmetto Surety have started addressing our state objectives to respond to issues that are appearing from state to state. We have established a task for three states, which we feel will help on a national level. In the months to come, we will provide updates and our current agenda full of information for all to review. Please keep in mind we are working on two campaigns at both National and state levels.

Don Mescia
Director, UBA