United Bail of America gives thanks to the men and women that devote their lives to chasing fugitives who are fleeing surety bonds. We wish them the greatest success so that they may return to their families each and every day. We feel the private sector bail bondsman across the nation recovers more fugitives on bail than any law enforcement or government ran pretrial group. The greatest concern for citizens of this nation should be on the fugitives out there that are not on bail. The ones who are running from government ran pretrial services at the citizens expense, be it the citizens financial expense or the expense of the lives of the citizens who perish to additional crimes the fugitives partake in. Our agents put their lives at stake daily in the course of their duties to assure not only that the defendants make their court appearances, but that the defendants turned fugitives be remanded back before another innocent is subjected to their crimes. For all this, we at United Bail of America give our sincere gratitude.