We provide personal service to you, our agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Palmetto Surety offers transfer bonds in South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Connecticut, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia. Transfers can be requested 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, by submitting the transfer request form located on our home page.  Fees are determined differently for each state and the total price will be confirmed before any transfer is started.  Once a transfer is requested our office will be in contact with both the posting agency and the requesting agency to confirm the timeline and completion of each bond.



All bonds over a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) must be approved by completing the Large Bond Approval form located on the home page of  On the form agents will be asked to produce answers to a line of questions to approve such bonds. Once the form is completed someone from the Underwriting Department will reach out to the agent within 45 minutes.

If bonds are approved, agents must provide a copy of the application and collateral information with the power upon reporting. This information may also be requested during the underwriting process. At no time should an agent stack powers on the same defendant that would equal a value over a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) without prior approval from Palmetto Surety.




If you would like to become an agent of Palmetto Surety please complete an application by clicking  “Become an Agent” on our home page. Once you have submitted this application you will be contacted by our agent services within twenty-four hours to confirm receipt. All applications will be processed within fifteen (15) business days of the date received. We look forward to doing business with you.


Captira Analytical Software
By vendor participation with Captira Analytical, we are able to offer our agents an opportunity to develop  a custom database designed to provide ease, simplicity, and savings to the bail agent. Captira streamlines the bail bonding agent office by reducing overhead costs and providing excellent and accurate support for the agent. Agents can track an unlimited number of clients, track inventory, build reports and monitor forfeitures.  Additionally, the technical support of Captira’s highly trained personnel provides all of our participating agents with 24/7 invaluable reinforcement and training which allows each agent to build a solid foundation.


Instant Powers

Palmetto Surety is proud to be working with Instant Powers to change the bail bonding business for the better, through an electronic power acceptance system.  The program works via a web-based program that allows agents to receive their power replacements instantly, eliminating the need for shipping therefore providing agents with flexibility and less wait time.  Agents can either complete, print, and drop a bond at the jail or submit their completed powers directly to the jail via e-mail.   Several counties in Florida have already started accepting powers via the e-mail system and will hopefully have most of the counties receiving powers through this method in the coming year.  For those counties not on the e-mail system the agents have the option to print and drop off their powers.  We will be contacting agents in the coming months to begin utilizing Instant Powers throughout the state of Florida.