South Carolina Magistrate and Summary Court Issues

To All Bail Agents, In recent weeks we have been given information on the issues the state is having with the issuance of lower court bench warrants. The obscurity to both the bail industry and the court is confusing and we are all struggling to figure it out, the best advice is to remember your […]

Working the Halls in our Nation’s Capital

Last Week, Palmetto Surety Corporation and United Bail of America worked the halls of the U.S. Senate, spending three full days in Washington D.C. fighting for the Bail Industry. I have listed the Senators we were able to address our concerns with and their legislative staff. We had a lot of open dialogue which provided […]

Lawmakers talk solutions to “bail reform” constitutional amendment problem

KRQE News 13 is reporting on how lawmakers are trying to figure out how they’ll address the voter-passed constitutional amendment on bail reform that New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez wants to see repealed. Lawmakers have made it clear they’re concerned about the effects of the bail reform constitutional amendment in New Mexico. Clicking the link will […]

Arnold Foundation Sued for its Bail Reform Work

The NonProfit Quarterly recently released an article reporting that the Arnold Foundation is being sued for its bail reform program. Clicking the link will direct you from UBA directly to their site. The NonProfit Quarterly  

Justice reinvestment: Clatsop County uses new tools for pretrial release

The Daily Astorian recently released an article regarding the use of risk assessment techniques that give more weight to release housing, family ties, and failure to appear risk over previous criminal history. Clicking the link will direct you from UBA directly to their site. The Daily Astorian  

Appeals panel hears challenge to Texas bail bonds; case could affect New Orleans lawsuit

The New Orleans Advocate recently reported on the legal challenge to Texas bail bond reform. Civil rights lawyers argue that judges are routinely stripping poor defendants of their right to a fair bail hearing. Lawyers for Texas judges said the federal courts should not intervene in a state matter.  This decision could set a precedent for a […]

California’s Chief Justice Gives Bail Reform a Boost

U.S. News recently reported regarding California’s chief justice calling for and end to cash bail that critics say disproportionately hurts poor defendants.  The Chief Justice said that instead of cash bail, the state should rely on assessments of defendants’ danger to the public to determine whether they should be released. Clicking the link will direct you […]