South Carolina Magistrate and Summary Court Issues

To All Bail Agents, In recent weeks we have been given information on the issues the state is having with the issuance of lower court bench warrants. The obscurity to both the bail industry and the court is confusing and we are all struggling to figure it out, the best advice is to remember your […]

Philadelphia Eagles and Bail Reform

Philadelphia is one of the cities that has received 4.8 million dollars from the Macarthur Foundation for risk assessments and get out of jail free programs. Today, Philadelphia is still one of the worst crime rate cities in our nation. It is not hard to realize the systems do not work and endanger the citizens […]

Justice is not Science

Justice is not science and future behavior is not accurately predicted. We must continue to champion the fact that human interaction is what keeps our communities safe. That courts willing to accept algorithm programs as more than an aide have lost touch with reality or have a hidden agenda. Last week we stood up and […]


What would happen if you created a system to predict the future behavior of a human being and that system failed miserably? What if you spent millions of dollars on that system? What if that system, while promising huge cost savings actually required you to hire more court clerks, judges, solicitors and police officers? What […]

UBA Mission Statement

A wish bone breaks. A back bone stiffens and shows resolve. That’s the change that I agreed to lead when I agreed to become the Executive Director of United Bail of America. We have an excellent group of people that share a common goal and we are going to be successful. I feel that the […]

Response to Walker v. City of Calhoun

Regarding the brief filed for Michael Walker V. City of Calhoun, Georgia. Although, in many cases the finding of support for neither party would be erroneous in this matter, it’s a good thing for the bail profession. The class action suit filed by Mr. Walker against the City of Calhoun, Georgia was the start of […]