South Carolina Renewal Information

Here’s the link for sanctions for non-compliance of CE or fingerprinting from the SC Department of Insurance.  Please contact the Department with any questions. Sanctions for Non-Compliance

Orlando, We Are With You

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and to the injured who are suffering in Orlando. No matter sex, race, gender or religion, we as American’s are under attack as this incident has shown. On a night when people gathered to enjoy life, something like this should never happen […]

South Carolina Renewals

It’s that time again. You are required under code 38-53-90 to undergo a state and federal background check to renew your bondsman or runner license in June. This requirement must be completed no later than May 31, 2016.  Remember, please forward the department a copy of payment receipt (include your license number on receipt) .  […]

Severe Weather and Flooding in Louisiana

Our hearts and prayers are with all the great people of Louisiana during these storms and flooding. On behalf of Palmetto Surety and our family of agents, we will be donating to the local Red Cross in Louisiana. Sincerely, Scott B. Willis CEO

Palmetto Surety Creates Ambassador Program

Earlier this year, Palmetto Surety created the Ambassador Program. This program was developed to assist the executive staff of Palmetto Surety in our fight to save our industry. One individual from each state was selected who has shown they have the knowledge of the industry issues as well as the ability to work with others. This program will grow […]

Palmetto Surety to host CE Class in Florida

On March, 29 2016, in partnership with the FBAA, Palmetto Surety will host a continuing education class. We are proud of the steps taken by the members of the FBAA to support the agents and the bail industry in Florida. It is time to unify our industry, speak in numbers and financially support the efforts […]

National Campaign by Pretrial

Pretrial is still trying to sell a system that has failed in many places. This must see campaign, has new information and states facts that just aren’t true. I see this as a failure to the criminal justice system. Their systems cost tax payers millions and will only add to the increasing crime rate over the next few years. […]

Biloxi, ACLU settles Lawsuit

Biloxi, Mississippi has agreed to adopt reforms to protect the rights of people who cannot afford to pay fines and fees imposed by courts. See attached settlement agreement between parties. Please see page 12 paragraph 9.  

Legislative News Florida

House Bill 731 & SB 1464 held in committee as legislative session ends.  These bills would have played a part in the commercial bail industry for Florida. Senate Bill 618 which passed the Senate but died in the House, would have been a threat to the bail industry. According to Mike Nefzger, this is how […]

Maurice Walker v. City of Calhoun, Georgia

As many of you are aware, the Equal Justice Under Law has been challenging commercial bail throughout the United States. Of course one of their supporters, which is no surprise, has been pretrial release. One of the latest cases has been filed in the United States District Court For The Northern District of Georgia, Rome […]