Dear South Carolina Bail Agents,

As many of you are aware, the Summary Courts in South Carolina are going through a disarray right now. The issue does not pertain to our industry by any means however, it is affecting our daily operations. Due to violations put out by the Chief Justice, we will have to take immediate actions in regards to Failure to Appear Bench Warrants. Until further advisement, I strongly recommend that no Defendant be picked up for Summary or Magistrate Failure to Appear Bench Warrants at this time. However, if you should apprehend someone due to a Failure to Appear Bench Warrant, and the jail refuses to accept the individual, please take note of the employee’s name, jail location, date and time. We cannot allow the proper actions that we are taking to be disregarded due to the Court’s issues. We are also looking at forfeitures that have been paid due to trial in absence and our actions going forward in this matter. We will continue to keep you updated on this matter going forward.

At this time, cease all activity on active warrants for Failure to Appear Bench Warrant cases in South Carolina.

I have attached the memo and a link to an article regarding the information discussed for informational purposes.

‘Nightmare’ directive from SC’s Chief Justice has courts, cops scrambling

Thank you for your time,

Scott B. Willis

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