Justice is not science and future behavior is not accurately predicted. We must continue to champion the fact that human interaction is what keeps our communities safe. That courts willing to accept algorithm programs as more than an aide have lost touch with reality or have a hidden agenda. Last week we stood up and drew the line in response to the billionaires who seek our demise! Then this came out in the Boston Globe at a Harvard Law School event.

Cynthia Dwork, a Harvard computer scientist, said she held out little hope that a fair and just computer algorithm could be designed for the criminal justice system.

Margo I. Seltzer, a Harvard computer scientist, said asking people to trust a computer algorithm to make decisions in the criminal justice system is like asking patients to trust a computer model to make medical decisions.Seltzer said the complexity of computer algorithms is one reason people trust decisions made by other people, who can be questioned and can explain their thinking.


Mescia, CEO
Director, UBA