Bail Industry Fights Dangerous Movement to Release More of the Accused on Their Own Recognizance


CHARLESTON, SC, October 11, 2017. – United Bail of America today announced that it is fighting back against the Zuckerberg and Soros funded initiatives to end bail in the United States.

Don Mescia, Executive Director of United Bail of America said, “There is a growing and completely misguided effort to end the bail system in the United States. No one wants to see people incarcerated, awaiting trial for petty crimes and causing personal hardship. But solutions to the problem should be focused on making sure that the defendants appear in court when they should so that justice can be served. That is, after all, the point of the court system.”

The bail system provides pre-trial services at no cost to the taxpayer. When a judge determines that as a condition of release the accused must undergo drug testing, or home detention, often while waiting months or years for a trial, it is the bail bondsman who makes sure that the conditions of the bail are enforced. In a world without bail bondsmen those pretrial services must be managed by the courts and funded by the taxpayers.

Bail or surety, is a form of insurance. Like any other insurance there is a risk assessment conducted and the client or defendant while awaiting trial pays an insurance premium just like paying for car or homeowners insurance. We don’t let individuals drive a car without insurance and banks won’t let you have a mortgage without insurance, but this “reform” movement is willing to let the accused out of jail with no guarantee that they will appear in court for their trial.

In addition, many states are not equipped or funded to apprehend fugitives of the court. Many states have a “two state” rule where they will not go further than two states away to apprehend those who miss their court dates. Career criminals are well aware of the rules and procedures that states follow and take advantage of those rules whenever possible. It is the bail bondsman who will apprehend most fugitives to ensure that they appear in court to face their accusers and victims.

Said Mescia, “There is no such thing as ‘Big Bail.’ We are a collection of small businesses, many of them minority owned. Our industry protects the state, protects the defendants and protects citizens all in order to serve justice. We’re going to fight the billionaires who don’t understand how this system works and want to put an important industry out of business.”


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