A wish bone breaks. A back bone stiffens and shows resolve. That’s the change that I agreed to lead when I agreed to become the Executive Director of United Bail of America.

We have an excellent group of people that share a common goal and we are going to be successful. I feel that the commercial bail industry, though under constant attack, has repeatedly proven itself as the most effective form of release in, not only guaranteeing that the defendant appears at all future court dates, but also is the most fiscally responsible form of release to the taxpayer and courts alike.

The progression of this organization is going to take the effort of more than a few. It will take all those involved in the industry! This is your industry and it is time to fight for its existence. I will make a commitment to you to represent the interest of commercial bail to the best of my ability. I will make no excuses if I fail and have no regrets if I HAVE DONE MY PART and SUCCEED! I would however, bow my head in shame if I allow other groups to take this industry away from me without standing my ground. I ask that all of you do the same.

WE WILL CHANGE OUR WISH BONE FOR A BACK BONE and take the fight to those who push to eliminate our future. The representatives at UBA have set some lofty goals to achieve and believe that we can accomplish them. We will stand behind and support state and national associations but most of all we will support you, the agent. We will work with all like-minded Surety companies for the betterment of bail to secure its future. The sea may be rough at times but calm water has never made a skillful sailor. We will see to it that those that are pushing opposition to our industry in favor of “RISK ASSESSMENT” will also be facing the same rough seas. We will seek that documented proof from them and provide it to the public to legitimize their claims of success. We, the bail agents of the United States, know how effective we are, what we do, the service we provide and the impact we have on the judicial system along with studies to prove it.


I will not lead from the front. I will be by your side and together we will make a difference.

Yours Truly,
Don Mescia
Director, UBA