On March 15, 2017, the Washington Post [see article] issued an article regarding commercial surety bail bonds in Maryland. I first found it interesting how they claim the bail industry is catering to lobbyists to support our special interests. I would have to say it is sad that a private industry, which has been around since old English law, is having to fight so hard against government funded programs. We all are aware such programs will increase crime and cost tax payers millions, which they have never had to support before. Are small businesses wrong for standing up now? Just look at the weak New Jersey system that Governor Chris Christy has implemented. In my opinion he needed votes from all sides of the table during his short lived presidential run. He gave in to programs which are now hammering his state, a state in which is already decreasing in population, per an article in the New Jersey times March 19, 2017. Private funded programs and government grant money have been used for years to host events and cater to push the far-left agenda to get people out of jail free from monetary release and with no security. If you truly look at what is going on you will see the hidden agenda.
The post used two states to compare the monies used by small business to fight for their survival, California and Florida. Let’s look how Maryland compares to these two states in another way:

State Population People subject to being victims of violent crimes
California 39,144,818 1 in 235
Florida 20,271,272      1 in 217
Maryland (Now)   6,006,401      1 in 219

Get out of jail free systems will fail the citizens of Maryland!

Hard working people who do not interact with the law need to understand what’s going on. These groups push misdemeanors in order to get in then move up to work the system. Victims will increase at a level we do not want to see. Did you know most rapists do not start out as rapists? They commit misdemeanors such as peeping tom, stalking and indecent exposure before they are arrested on rape charges. These are the people they want to walk right out of jail.

In my opinion these numbers will only increase if this left-wing system takes over what the private sector has controlled for decades. I would also ask they stop using the poor to push their agenda. The real term is good versus evil. This group does not care about victims. If they did, they would be working to prove innocence or guilt in a faster time frame. Since the Washington Post ran with this article, let’s just look at D.C. It is one of top worst places to live based on crime statistics. The following article reported by local news on March 3, 2016 states, “D.C., Baltimore City among top murder capitals in the U.S.”

Washington D.C. population 672,288
1 in 79 people are subject to being a victim of violent crime
Washington D.C. is well above the national crime average
National Crime violations 3.8
Washington D.C. crime violations 12.6

America cannot support the system the far left is pushing and allow them to use our court systems to target areas they know will push their true outcome. Just watch the numbers and truly look at how they are getting their message across in our country. It’s time to let America know the truth.
Washington Post

Baltimore Most Dangerous City