Palmetto Surety was formed to put the agents first and to provide the best customer service possible. I hope each of you feel we have met such expectations. Palmetto Surety is also rapidly increasing our staff to make sure we continue to keep the focus on our agents who allow us to be their surety provider. Today, our industry is changing more and more with increased challenges daily toward our industry and I felt it was time to move forward to better serve our Palmetto family. I am proud to announce we have formed an organization, United Bail of America, on behalf of our agents. This will allow Palmetto to better distribute contributions, fight litigation and serve the interest of our agents. Yes, this is your voice! The creation of UBA is not to hinder the great efforts being done by national groups and state organizations but to help unite our great agent base. Palmetto’s goal is to create unity and funds to protect us all while educating others of who we are. I am proud to also announce we have purchased land just outside of Orlando to build the headquarters and look forward to breaking ground within the next few months.

Scott B. Willis