Earlier this year, Palmetto Surety created the Ambassador Program. This program was developed to assist the executive staff of Palmetto Surety in our fight to save our industry. One individual from each state was selected who has shown they have the knowledge of the industry issues as well as the ability to work with others. This program will grow to the point that each Ambassador will have to have a support team in each state. If you would like to be a part of this program, please contact our office. This group of agents is structured as a committee with a Chairman and Vice Chairman. Our main focus during the first quarter of 2016 is to identify our allies and to have face t0 face meetings with them. You might ask how we identify who are our allies and we believe they should be individuals who receive monies from our industry. We will discuss with them what they are going to do when they lose over a million dollars from their budget monies if surety bail is pushed out by Pretrial, PR bonds and Equal Justice Under the Law legal actions.  We will set new objectives for the second quarter before March 30, 2016.