Congressman Ted W. Lieu introduces the “No Money Bail Act of 2016”. On February 24, 2016 Congressman held a press conference to introduce his bill. It’s no surprise that the bill is being endorsed by the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies and Equal Justice Under the Law as well as a few others.

I would challenge Congressman Lieu and others to an open forum. We need to discuss his bill and how commercial bail is truly the best system in place for all parties involved in the justice system. Yes, even the people incarcerated. The United States Judicial System cannot afford his bill on many levels. Such a bill would increase jail population, contribute to profiling, increase crime levels, put the cost on tax payers and cut revenues to state budgets for monies generated by commercial bail. We do not even have to go into the increase of failure to appears’ and the burden on law enforcement to handle such cases that are today handled by surety bail agents. I would also like for him to produce factual independent support to justify the numbers he has produced.

Scott B. Willis