We have kicked off 2016 running and I would like to take a moment to thank each Agent who allows Palmetto Surety to serve them. I feel it is our privilege and honor for each of you to allow us to be your surety provider. Many of you know me and understand Palmetto Surety is built from hard work and dedication to the agents in which we serve. Palmetto Surety, in 2015, experienced increasing growth within our agent base and I cannot express enough how I have enjoyed meeting everyone. I have been hitting the road traveling and look forward to seeing all of you over the months to come. Palmetto Surety will also be holding events throughout the southeast this year to discuss projections and development for the years to come. I cannot wait to show everyone how I believe we can make history together, beginning this year. I know we all hear a lot of negative talk and have to consistently fight each and every day for our existence, however it is time to stop accepting this as the norm and begin fighting back. Each of you are a major part of the criminal justice process and 2016 is our time to make some noise.

For over 22 years I have spent my life working within the criminal justice system. Since 2005, I have been involved in commercial bail. I can honestly say I see just as much effort and productive activity on the behalf of each of you than I have ever seen in my life. The people who use our service need us, as we are truly the only help many of them get. No matter what we hear, without us the jails would be over flowing, crime rates would increase, taxes would increase, failure to appear warrants would go through the roof without anyone looking for anyone and those who collect monies from us would see their budgets decrease by 33% if not more.

I am not saying or pointing out anyone but if you talk negative about others within our industry, no matter what position you’re in, please stop. We must first stop damaging ourselves before we can move forward. We have a direction which we need to follow this year to achieve a positive agenda. Palmetto Surety has created several committees this year which will help me establish information and the clear focus we need for the upcoming year. I have listed below some of the objectives in which these committees will be assisting me. Keep in mind our industry has many battles to fight but we must start on a national level where things can happen fast then address state level issues. If we don’t show the true failure of Pre-Trial and the false allegations to our industry by the Equal Justice Under the Law at a national level, we will always continue to have obstacles at the state level.

Identify who our allies are.
Identify where our monies go to each state to create new allies.
How do we help save state associations?
How do we make our voices heard nationally?
How do we unite state and nationally?
How do we use funds to attack properly?
Finalize our plan of action.

I believe in the brand we have created at Palmetto Surety as I also believe in each of you. I have enjoyed all of the friendships I have developed over the last few years and look forward to seeing everyone this year. I, along with all of the staff of Palmetto, will work hard for you and fight everyday for our industry. I care nothing about being the largest surety but I do want to build something great with all of our agents we serve and those who will join us in the future.

Scott B. Willis
CEO Palmetto Surety